The origin of Voskins comes from the words Vos (French) and Kính (Vietnamese for glasses):" Your glasses ».


Passionate about design and style, Dr. Anh-Ton Tran, optometrist wanted to offer his fellow Montrealers a unique and comfortable space where eyewear connoisseurs can indulge their obsession.

He chose the historic neighborhood of Griffintown to open his shop, shying away from the philosophy and ambiance of traditional optical stores. The project took almost a year to achieve and received contributions of Montreal talents such as designer Guillaume Ménard, known for his work with Joverse, Le Boucan and Le Red Tiger.

After 3 wonderful years, Voskins started a new chapter with the launch of its second location in the Mile End in 2016. New neighborhood, same passion. Voskins continues to be a reference in the eyewear scene in Montreal.


Going to Voskins is like going to your local butcher for your filet mignon or to a tailor for your bespoken suit. We are inspired by the desire to tell the story of our frames. Doing so, we give our customers the opportunity to reclaim their consumption. We find it important to understand where our products come from and how they are made, thus allowing us to appreciate the uniqueness of each frame, as unique as every single person that comes through our doors.